Tuesday, 26 October 2021
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Dee Sign: The sign that shows you made a dream come true.

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Residential Signpost Services and Charges

Standard Signpost Installation Service (120 days)

Renewal Fee (optional: 30, 60, 90 & 120 days)

(Renewal emails will be sent for all listings 14 & 7 days prior to expiration.  A Removal Order will automatically be generated if not renewed before that date.)


$5 - 20.00

Post installation and removal Outside the Service Area (Extended Service Area)


Agent Riders (in our inventory) attached at the time of installation (After installation; a Listing Visit will be charged)

No Charge

Riders provided by PostSetters (Arrow, Pool, etc.)

$ 7.50

Reset, Relocation or Replacement (Listing Visit) within the service area


Listing Visit - Change order within the Service Area


Listing Visit - Change order Outside the Service Area (Extended Service Area)


Appointment with installer (in addition to the cost of the signpost installation service)


PostSetters supplied Brochure Box


Agent Brochure Box (in our inventory) at time of installation (After installation; a Listing Visit will be charged)

No Charge

Refusal by Owner/Tenant

$17.50 - 25.00

Lost Post


Lost Stake


Lost Brochure Box


Damaged Box, Rider, Stake and/or Post

$5 - $35

Sign Courier Fee (Oustside the Service Area)
(Courier fee subject to change, depending on area of service)

$15 - $30

Pricing Policies and Glossary

Outside the Service Area (Extended Service Area)
When PostSetters must perform it's installation outside of our normal service area (Rockland, Sullivan & Westchester Counties), there may be an additional fee which is needed to cover the expense of the time, gas, and distance of the job. ^top
Agent Riders
Any agent owned (or supplied) riders and brochure boxes will be installed at No Charge during the initial installation. After the initial installation, a listing visit charge will be incurred. PostSetters can stock these items for you within our office and allow you to simply request which items are needed upon a service request for sign installation. ^top
Reset, Relocation or Replacement
At times, beyond our control the material at a listing may need to be reset, moved or replaced. There is a listing visit charge for this service unless PostSetters is at fault. There may be additional costs incurred for missing or damaged material. ^top
Listing Visit
PostSetters attempts to get every bit of information needed before installing your signage in order to avoid a secondary trip back to the listing property. If we improperly installed your sign or did not use the materials that you requested, we will gladly go back out to the location and replace or move the materials at no cost. However, if the service was completed as requested, then we need to charge for our services and time. ^top
Service Area
Hudson Valley PostSetters provides service in Columbia, Dutchess, Greene, Orange, Putnam and Ulster Counties. Anything outside these areas may require additional costs. ^top
Brochure Box
Brochure Boxes are used to provide basic and essential information on your listing property. Most brochure boxes can hold flyers that are 8-1/2" x 11" inches in size. PostSetters can provide these boxes for you or they can be provided by you or your realty company. ^top
Refusal by Owner/Tenant
PostSetters can only attempt to install, place and remove the materials that you have requested. When the Owner or Tenant of the property refuses to allow PostSetters to perform it's services, we will not jeopardize any damage to our materials or posts by installing as requested. Although, PostSetters will call the agent or realty company who placed the order and attempt to get a confirmed approval between the realtor and the owner or tenant, there will be a "Refusal" charge for the first install attempt if not completed on the trip. ^top
Sign Courier Fee
When you request PostSetters to deliver one of your signs to an Out of Area vendor, a courier fee will be incurred (For ex. FedEx, UPS or USPS). ^top